Mini porchetta from thick-cut bacon

Now real porchetta on the barbecue is a lot of fun to prepare. But quite an operation. So what’s more fun to make mini porchetta. Just as tasty but a lot easier.

3 thick cuts of bacon filled with italian herbs and sundried tomatoesIn total, you take 3 thick slices of pork belly and cover them with a small hand of fresh Italian herbs and pieces of sun-dried tomatoes.

3 thick cuts of bacon stuffed with italian herbs and sundried tomatoes and pinned with toothpicksThen you keep the pork belly slices together with a few toothpicks so that you can put the bacon flaps on their side.

3 thick cuts of bacon with lemon pepperThen you open the slices of pork belly, and you also cover that side with the fresh herbs and some sun-dried tomatoes. Then sprinkle that side with the lemon pepper.

mini porchetta bound with butchers ropeNow you close the slices again and tie everything up with a few pieces of butcher rope. Now sprinkle the bacon on the outside with the lemon pepper.

mini porchetta indirect on the barbecueYou cook the mini porchetta indirectly. Place some glowing briquettes on 1 side of the barbecue to create 2 zones. Place the porchetta on the grid as far away from the heat as possible.

mini porchettaAfter an hour, due to the smoke and the heat, they are already beautifully golden-brown. You now heat the mini porchetta to a core temperature of 90°C (195F). Then the fat and meat are nice and soft. If you want the outside to be a little grilled, then briefly place the porchetta directly above the heat.

mini porchettaThis is the final result. Open a bottle of wine and serve with a bruschetta.


  • 3 thick slices of fat pork belly per mini porchetta, approximately 1.5 cm thick (0,5 inch)
  • 2 tsp lemon pepper
  • 4 pieces Sun-dried tomato
  • 1 handful fresh Italian herbs (thyme, basil, rosemary, sage)


  1. Arrange the slices of pork one by one with a little lemon pepper and the fresh herbs with some pieces of sun-dried tomato in between
  2. Secure the 3 slices with about four toothpicks
  3. Turn the whole on its side and put a little lemon-pepper, some fresh herbs and tomato on the top, fold it double and tie it nicely with four pieces of string
  4. Prepare the bbq for 140gr Celsius (285F) indirect and put the porchetta on the barbecue, add some citrus smoke and close the lid
  5. After two hours, they are ready when they reach a core temperature of 90°C (195F). In the meantime, you can make a tasty bruschetta with tomato and pour a glass of rosé to make the whole Italian dish complete.

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