Mustard seared steak

Grilling steaks with mayonnaise is becoming a trend. We often grilled a hamburger on the plate in the mustard. That is so delicious. That’s why we wanted to try what it would be like if you grilled a thick steak with mustard.

We had a lovely Wagyu chuck roast in the freezer. Maybe a bit overkill, but we knew in advance that this was going to be fantastic. We filled the Masterbuilt smoker with charcoal and set it to 107°C (225F).

So this is a Wagyu chuck roast. Chuck is comparable to ribeye. The piece is closer to the neck. When you see this kind of marbling in your meat, you know it’s of the highest quality. Of course, this kind of beef does not need more than pepper and salt to season, but we wanted to try something.

And this is the mustard sauce we made. If you taste it like this, it’s a sour mustard flavor. The taste will change after heating and become less acidic.

We let the Masterbuilt smoker do all the work. You don’t have to fiddle with this grill for temperature control. Just add charcoal and set it to your desired temperature. You can do that on the smoker itself or with the app. The smoker is ready in about 10 minutes. Then the meat can be put on.

We don’t season the meat just yet. We are only going to smoke it to a core temperature of 48°C (120F). We monitor that with the probe that comes with the grill. You stick this in the middle of the meat, and then you close the lid.

We throw a block of applewood in the ashtray. The small embers that fall from the bottom of the hopper cause the smoking wood to burn and smoke. The Masterbuilt 560 is called a smoker, but you decide whether you want to smoke or not.

If you notice halfway through that there is no more smoke coming out of the kettle, you can simply add another chunk of wood. If you don’t want to smoke anymore, you can remove the chunk from the ashtray.

This is what our chuck roast looks like after a good hour of smoke. Beautifully dark red. The meat is exactly 48°C (120F) and can be removed from the grid for the next step.

The cast iron grid of the Masterbuilt has a smoke and sear side. The smoke side has thin bars, and the sear side has nice thick bars. For the next step, we are going to turn the grids so that the sear side is up.

To really sear, we need a lot of heat. That isn’t a problem with the Masterbuilt smoker. The smoker can reach a maximum temperature of 370°C (700F). We let the grid heat up so that we can grill the meat in a few minutes.

We rubbed the chuck roast with the mustard sauce, and then it goes back on the grid. The moment the lid opens, the temperature in the kettle drops, but you will be surprised how quickly everything is up to temperature when you close the lid. The cast iron grate naturally retains the heat for a long time, so when it comes to searing it is fantastic.

After 2 times 5 minutes, this is the steak. We could have let it go a little longer, but the meat is precisely 55°C (131F). Wagyu can handle a bit of abuse and is even tasty when it is well-done. But we wanted to try the meat perfectly medium rare this time.

After cutting, we immediately see that the meat is perfectly cooked. We have absolutely no gray edges. Beautiful red meat from edge to edge. Yes, we know we cut the meat wrong. Not perpendicular to the thread as we taught you. We couldn’t see it from the outside.

You hardly notice it when it comes to tenderness. Wagyu is already very tender in itself due to the intramuscular fat. And we promise to cut the meat properly next time. By the way, this is also the time to slightly salt the meat. We doubted whether it would be necessary, but the meat could use a little salt.


  • A nice thick steak. At least 2 fingers thick.
  • 50 grams of mild mustard
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp garlic granulate
  • 1 tbsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp chili flakes
  • 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper


  1. Prepare the barbecue for indirect smoking at 107°C (225F) with a chunk of smoke wood. Place the steak on the grid and close the lid until the meat has a core temperature of 48°C (120F).
  2. In the meantime, you can make the mustard sauce by mixing all the ingredients.
  3. When the meat has reached the desired core temperature, remove it from the grill and heat up the barbecue to grill.
  4. Coat the steak with the mustard sauce and grill the steak on both sides to a core temperature of 55°C (131F). Sprinkle on a little salt and then let it rest for a while before cutting it.

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